Friday, August 21, 2009

Repugnant - Epitome of Darkness

Artist: Repugnant
Album: Epitome of Darkness
Year: 2006

Country: Sweden
Genre: Death Metal

Johan Wallin (aka Sid E. Burns) - Guitar
Tobias (aka Mary Goore) - Vocals, guitar
Thomas Daun (aka Tom Bones) - Drums
Gustaf Lindström (aka Carlos Sathanas) - Bass

Track Listing:
1. Hungry Are the Damned
2. Premature Burial
3. Voices of the Dead
4. Draped in Cerecloth
5. Spawn of Pure Malevolence
6. From Beyond the Grave
7. Sacred Blasphemy
8. Eating from a Coffin
9. Another Vision (Morbid cover)
10. Mutilated Remains



Friday, July 31, 2009

Pavor - Furioso

Artist: Pavor
Album: Furioso
Year: 2003

Country: Germany
Genre: Technical Death Metal

Rainer Landfermann - Bass
Michael Pelkowsky - Drums
Armin Rave - Guitar
Claudius Schwartz - Vocals

Track Listing:
1. Inflictor Of Grimness
2. Perplexer: Perdition Projectile
3. Wroth Volcanic Vent
4. Furioso
5. A Schizoid Uglifier
6. Crucified Hopes
7. Inconsistent ClayBlood Totemist
8. Dilettante's Dilemma


Ares Kingdom - Return to Dust

Artist: Ares Kingdom
Album: Return to Dust
Year: 2006

Country: USA
Genre: Death/Thrash Metal

Alex Blume - Bass/Vocals
Doug Overbay - Rhythm Guitar
Mike Miller - Drums
Chuck Keller - Lead & Rhythm Guitar

Track Listing:
1. Firestorm Redemption
2. A Dream of Armageddon
3. Failsafe
4. Fear Itself
5. Lamentations
6. None Escape
7. Sins of the Father
8. Ironclad


Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mononofu - Light Of Sunset Seen From Kozuki Castle EP

Artist: Mononofu
Album: Light Of Sunset Seen From Kozuki Castle EP
Year: 2008

Country: Japan
Genre: Death/Thrash Metal

Akashi "Hida-Nokami" Kagefumi (Watanabe) - Guitar
Yoshihisa "Minbu-Shouyuu" Amago (a.k.a. Necrolord Pandämonium) - Vocals
Katsuchika "Gyoubu-Shouyuu" Togashi - Bass
Mitsuhiro "Nai-Daijin" Shimazu - Drums

Track Listing:
1. General Uyama Choses Death In Regret
2. Rebellion Of Hon-Nouji Temple
3. Wardead At Kami-Tambara
4. Oshibara Kuzure (Battle in the Oshibara)
5. Give Me The Seven Defects And Eight Agonies
6. Light Of Sunset Seen From Kozuki Castle

Gravewürm - Ancient Storms Of War

Artist: Gravewürm
Album: Ancient Storms of War
Year: 2000

Country: USA
Genre: Black Metal

Zyklon - Bass/Vocals
Funeral Grave - Guitars
Carrion - Drums

Track Listing:
1. At The Gates Of Armageddon
2. Riders Of The Cursed One
3. On Icy Plains I Die
4. Nocturnal Spells
5. Dwellers Of Darkness
6. Descend Into The Underground
7. Slaughtered On The Altar
8. Beneath The Moonfog
9. Cranial Splendour
10. Ancient Storms Of War
11. The Dark Horde
12. Cadaveric Dementia
13. A Once Forgotten Kingdom
14. The Gorging
15. Rise From The Crypts
16. Possessed By Darkness
17. Black Candles


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Professor Fate - The Inferno

Artist: Professor Fate
Album: The Inferno
Year: 2007

Country: England
Genre: Symphonic Darkwave

Mick Kenney - Vocals, All Instruments

Track Listing:
1. The Gates of Hell
2. Limbo
3. The Lustful
4. The Glutonous
5. Avarice and Prodigality
6. The Wrathful and Sullen
7. Heretics
8. The Violent
9. The Fraudulent
10. Treachery


Monday, July 27, 2009

Ahab - The Divinity of Oceans

Artist: Ahab
Album: The Divinity Of Oceans
Year: 2009

Country: Germany
Genre: Funeral Doom Metal

Daniel Droste - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards
Christian Hector - Guitar
Stephan Wandernoth - Bass
Cornelius Althammer - Drums

Track Listing:
1. Yet Another Raft of the Medusa (Pollard's Weakness)
2. The Divinity of Oceans
3. O Father Sea
4. Redemption Lost
5. Tombstone Carousal
6. Gnawing Bones (Coffin's Lot)
7. Nickerson's Theme


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Suffocation - Blood Oath

Band: Suffocation
Album: Blood Oath
Year: 2009

Genre: Brutal Technical Death Metal
Country: USA

Frank Mullen - Vocals
Terrance Hobbs - Guitars
Guy Marchais - Guitars
Derek Boyer - Bass
Mike Smith - Drums

Track Listing:
1. Blood Oath
2. Dismal Dream
3. Pray for Forgiveness
4. Images of Purgatory
5. Cataclysmic Purification
6. Mental Hemorrhage
7. Come Hell or High Priest
8. Undeserving
9. Provoking the Disturbed
10. Marital Decimation
11. Pray For Forgiveness (Instrumental version)
12. Dismal Dream (Rough mix un-mastered)


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Behemoth - Evangelion

Band: Behemoth
Album: Evangelion
Year: 2009

Genre: Death Metal
Country: Poland

Adam "Nergal" Darski - Vocals, Guitar
Zbigniew Robert "Inferno" Prominski - Drums, Percussion
Tomasz "Orion" Wróblewski - Bass

Track Listing:
1. Daimonos
2. Shemaforash
3. Ov Fire and the Void
4. Transmigrating Beyond Realms Ov Amenti
5. He Who Breeds Pestilence
6. The Seed Ov I
7. Alas, Lord Is Upon Me
8. Defiling Morality Ov Black God
9. Lucifer


Mandatory (Ger) - ...Where They Bleed

Band: Mandatory (Ger)
Album: ...Where They Bleed
Year: 2007

Genre: Death Metal
Country: Germany

Sascha Beselt - Lead/Rhythm/Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards
Stinne - Vocals, Drums
Adrian Kostrzewski - Bass
Steffen Rottle - Rhythm Guitar

Track Listing:
1. Intro
2. ...Where They Bleed
3. Crypta Crawler
4. Obscure Mortification
5. Cross Me Fool (Razor cover)


Nile - Festivals of Atonement

Band: Nile
Album: Festivals of Atonement
Year: 1995

Genre: Brutal/Technical Death Metal
Country: USA

Karl Sanders - Vocals/Guitar
Chief Spires - Bass
Pete Hammoura - Drums

Track Listing:
1. Divine Intent
2. The Black Hand of Set
3. Wrought
4. Immortality Through Art / Godless
5. Extinct